Academic English not only for Indonesians
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Meanwhile, ‘On the contrary’

Restaurant sales peaked on Friday. On the contrary, the restaurant gained its lowest earnings on Sunday.

If you are contrasting two things that are both true, do not use on the contrary (more…)

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Comparing crash landings!

In this post we take a look at some nice language comparing two crash landings in which all passengers and crew survived! (full news story here). (more…)

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Unlike cheese

Physical stores are faced with additional running costs. Different with online stores that can operate on a small budget.

This post includes two challenges (below)! First read through the explanation, then check your understanding by completing one or both of the recommended tasks!


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Contrasting while and meanwhile for contrast

The amount of time children spent watching TV remained stable, meanwhile the amount of time they spent using computers increased dramatically.

In this post we contrast while and meanwhile in terms of grammatical usage and their usefulness as contrast signals.


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Even though although, but however!

Although some experts say that public projects would be less attractive than private projects. However, the government can do something about this.

Although is a contrasting signal. However is a contrasting signal. Use one or the other, but never both!


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Both or both of?

Euthanasia may be a good solution for both of patients and their families.

Both/both of follows the same rule as some/some of, all/all of, most/most of, etc. (more…)

‘Compared to’ instead of ‘rather than’

Cities offer larger salaries to people rather than small towns.

Here the comparison is between ‘salaries’ and ‘small towns’. The writer is saying that cities offer people large salaries and do not offer them small towns. Hmm. I would be quite happy if someone gave me a small town! (more…)

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As much uncountable as possible!

These days gadgets do not consume power as much as they used to. (more…)

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Despite ‘spite’

Despite of its lucrative potential, tourism causes many new social problems.


The same with as

I experience the same problems with you.

Indonesian flag┬áThis is direct translation from Bahasa Indonesia (sama dengan). It’s not incorrect but I’m fairly certain it’s not what you mean! (more…)