Academic English not only for Indonesians
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Aid and Aids

Receiving any aids from developed countries might be benefitial for developing countries.

OK so there is a difference between aid (countable) and aid (uncountable). (more…)

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The first paragraph is mostly argument but it also contains some descriptions.

Yet another word that has slightly different meanings in its countable and uncountable forms. I can’t remember ever seeing it causing grammar problems, but as in the above example, the wrong form may be inappropriate in certain situations. Let’s first of all examine correct usage. (more…)

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Training or trainings?

This problem can be overcome through government policies that improve access to education and trainings.

Indonesian flag This is one of the rare occasions when low-band Indonesian IELTS candidates add ‘s’ to a word!

Admittedly you will occasionally see training as a countable noun, but the uncountable form is far more common. Think of training (uncountable) as a synonym for education (aslo uncountable). (more…)

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Experience or experiences?

I think we should employ Tom. He has more experiences than Bill.

Before you continue, can you guess what kind of experience is illustrated in the featured image for this post? Answers in the comments box below! (more…)

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The workplace

Modern technology is becoming more common both at home and in workplaces.

the workplace (uncountable!)

When you use the workplace (uncountable) you’re talking about the abstract idea of the workplace as a feature of people’s lives along with school and the home. In addition, you’re usually talking about one or more of the following: (more…)

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Cost or costs?

In the metal and mining sector, companies are facing significant problems (Hopwood, 2018). For example, they face increasing production cost due to the rapid development of new mining technologies.

Like much basic vocabulary in the field of economics, cost is a difficult word! First of all this is one of those words that can be countable and uncountable, and secondly there are some usage peculiarities with each. (more…)

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Effort or efforts?

Public-private collaboration in policy making requires a lot of efforts.

Indonesian flag For Indonesians, effort is a word that often requires effort! This post will help you with your translations of upaya and usaha! (more…)

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Quality or qualities?

Javorcik seems to be unaware of the ability of domestic companies to engage in improving their qualities.

Another countable / uncountable problem, folks! Later we’ll take a look at some examples of each and think about differences in meaning. Before you read the examples try this practice activity! (more…)

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Value or values?

Foreign companies offer more added values to products or services.

Sorry folks, but this is another countable / uncountable problem. Let’s take a look at some examples of each! (more…)

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Production and Productions

According to data, 40.49 % of palm oil productions are from small farm owners.

Productions (countable)

The plural form of production collocates strongly with film and theatre: (more…)