Academic English is not only for Indonesians
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More papers and paper

For all you ‘visual learners’ out there, here’s a video version of a previous post in which we looked at the difference between the countable and uncountable forms of the word ‘paper’. (more…)

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Crime or crimes?

Several posts on GuruEAP deal with nouns that can be either countable or uncountable but with slightly different meanings. Here’s a text packed with examples of one such word – Crime. Select either ‘crime’ or ‘crimes’ from the dropdown menus and then check the answer key for analysis and explanations!


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Gear or gears?

Most of the coral reefs around the world have been damaged by fishing gears which sweep the ocean floor, such as dragnets and trawlers.

Yet another situation in which the countable and uncountable forms of a noun have slightly different meanings! (more…)

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Papers and paper

People use papers for a variety of purposes.

OK folks, this is another countable / uncountable problem. (more…)

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Demands and demand

Tissue demands for housing and offices are increasing.

OK so there are two kinds of demand – specific and general. (more…)

College or Colleges

Taking a gap year gives certain advantages to young people before attending colleges.

Yet another of those dreaded words that have slightly different meanings in their countable and uncountable forms. (more…)

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Little equipment

You only need little equipment to play badminton.

This has two literal meanings, both of which seem odd: (more…)

Industrial theatre production(s)

Automation in industry means increased productivity and better productions.

Yet another word that has quite different meanings in its countable and uncountable forms! (more…)

Two competitions

There is an increasing competition which results in several negative effects.

Compare the following meanings. (more…)

‘Industry’ and ‘Industries’

Urbanisation supports economic development. Firstly, it is a supporting factor to increase industries.

OK so industry is one of those annoying words that can be countable and can be uncountable, depending on the context. If you’re being general then you need the uncountable form. (more…)