Academic English not only for Indonesians
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AWLizer returns!

Highlight the words in your text that can also be found in the Academic Word List (AWL). (more…)

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Predicting that X will probably change Y

The IA-CEPA is predicted to stabilise diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Predicting a change that does not take an object

If you want to say something will change, without mentioning the thing that will be affected by the change (the object of the change), then the writer of our opening example is using the right structure: (more…)

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Referring to sources using substitution

It has been argued that expenditure needed for applying a circular economy tends to be high (Kirchher et al., 2017). However, their claim is easy to counter given the many economic benefits offered by a circular economy.


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As he says that..

As Ballard (2017) states that nicotine is more dangerous than alcohol.

OK so there is a group of reporting verbs that may be followed by that (+ independent clause), while there are others that don’t work with that: (more…)

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Philosophers on work

Why do we work? Do we work for money, for success, to define ourselves in the world, or for some other reason?

First of all discuss the following statements with a friend and see if you agree.

  • If you don’t work then you are not truly human.
  • Work keeps us away from more important activities.
  • Work is a means to fulfill personal ambitions.
  • Work conflicts with our human inclination to relax and have a good time.

Now read what the philospophers have to say and tell us in the comments which one(s) you agree (or disagree) with! (more…)

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Hedging devices in academic writing

In the world of banking it is possible to invest money in a so-called hedge fund. This kind of investment allows you to invest your money without being 100% certain about making a profit, even though you are quietly confident that you will. (more…)

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How often in IELTS speaking

Examiner: How often do you go to the cinema?
Candidate: Er.. Sometimes.
Examiner: Yes, but how often?

Although it is grammatically correct to respond to the question ‘How often?’ with ‘sometimes’, you still haven’t answered the question. Always try to give more information no matter how infrequently you do something. (more…)

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Demands and demand

Tissue demands for housing and offices are increasing.

OK so there are two kinds of demand – specific and general. (more…)

Throw food (away)

Since there are many starving people in the world, it is better not to throw food.

The featured image for this post shows a man retrieving a pizza from a roof. This is how it got there: (more…)

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The art of which?

The arts perhaps bring balance and harmony which the arts are not just what you see but what you make others see.

This is potentially sophisticated. You need: (more…)