Academic English is not only for Indonesians
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Managing food and drink temptation

You will hear a researcher talking about how people control their attraction to – and consumption of – unhealthy food and drink. Before you listen, chat with a friend about you avoid unhealthy food. Describe your strategies to each other! (more…)

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Eat to sleep!

Scientists have discovered a link between food and sleep that may explain why we sleep either well or not so well. Complete the summary with reference to the text! (more…)

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Locavores – heading matching

We all know about carnivores and herbivores. Now there are ‘Locavores’ – people who choose to eat locally produced food. Match the headings to the paragraphs!


I love the culinary

First of all I love the culinary.

Here an Indonesian IELTS candidate has made a positive claim about a place he or she likes, and is supporting that claim with another positive comment about the food there. This candidate perhaps feels that food is not a particularly ‘high-band’ word, and is experimenting with a more sophisticated synonym. (more…)