Academic English not only for Indonesians
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Academic Collocation Flashcards

Reloading the page gives you a randomised collection of common academic collocations. Can you guess the missing collocates? (more…)

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Before you attempt to fill the gaps, discuss the following with a partner.

  • Which FIPCAs might be appropriate in this essay?
  • If your FIPCAs differ from your partner’s reach a decision about whose FIPCAs are most appropriate?
  • What are the criteria for a good FIPCA in IELTS Task 2 Writing?
  • Is it possible to have too much choice?
  • Is ‘choice’ countable or uncountable?
  • Three words / expressions in this essay were taken from passages in today’s IELTS reading practice test (one from each passage). Can you identify them?


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Thinking Creatively – IELTS Listening Section 4

You will hear a researcher talking about the importance of ‘creative thinking’, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. (more…)

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Chimpanzee nests and human evolution

You will hear a researcher talking about how studying the beds made by chimpanzees can help us to understand how modern humans evolved. (more…)

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AI will make you smarter!

You will hear a university professor talking about Artificial Intelligence and making predictions about how AI might make us smarter in the future. (more…)

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When early grammar arrives late

The statistics show that until the early of 2018, Indonesian debt to GDP was below 30%.

It’s good to use early (and it’s opposite – late) to describe an approximate time of year or month. However, there is some grammar to think about. (more…)

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Thought and language, concrete and abstract

With a friend – picture in your mind a banana, and then picture ‘freedom’. Compare your mental pictures with your partner’s. Then complete this summary!


The economics economy

Economy, economic, economics

Study the following rules relating to the various forms of the word ‘economy’.


Sustainable articles

There was confusion in class recently about the meaning of ‘sustainability’, so let’s take a few minutes out to get our heads around this extremely important social issue. Below is the opening of the Wikipedia entry on sustainability. Find out what sustainablity actually is and at the same time practice using articles!

A related practice activity focusing on the effects of plastic on the environment can be found here. And if you need ideas about how to choose articles to go with nouns, read this.

As usual, if you think an article isn’t needed, just leave the drop-down menu blank! (more…)