Academic English not only for Indonesians
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Unlike cheese

Physical stores are faced with additional running costs. Different with online stores that can operate on a small budget.

This post includes two challenges (below)! First read through the explanation, then check your understanding by completing one or both of the recommended tasks!


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Idiomatic language in IELTS

I recently started walking to work occasionally, but it’s still only once in a blue moon.


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Labouring over ‘labourers’

Some people claim that working hours for labours in factories are too long.

Indonesian flag┬áHere an Indonesian student is trying to find a synonym for ‘worker‘. Unfortunately the hierarchy of ‘work‘ is labelled differently in English. (more…)

Children living behind the bar

Famous people are followed everywhere by the press. Their families sometimes feel they have to hide from reporters, and the children of famous people may feel that they are living behind the bar.

Here, again, we have a breakdown in communication caused by inaccurate use of articles.
Remember that for any noun there are 3 possible meanings: (more…)