Academic English not only for Indonesians
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When easy is difficult

Animals that are used to perform are easy to get tired. (more…)

I suggest you try

Online stores suggest their customers to change their passwords periodically.

The structure used here is subject + suggest + object + to + V1. Instinctively I know that’s not right, but to find out why I headed over to and this is what I found: (more…)

Commoners turn from opera to Oprah!

Common people watch television every night for six hours.

I don’t think the writer intended to be so negative, or worse – insulting! Let’s explore the meaning of common, first of all by looking inside an opera house. (more…)

College colleagues

I’m very busy during the week, but at weekends I go out with my colleges.

Indonesian flag This was something I overheard someone say, although I sometimes see the same error in writing. Mostly it’s a pronunciation problem that influences written form. (more…)

My couple or my partner?

There is an excellent cinema in my hometown. I go there almost every weekend with my couple.

Indonesian flag This is an Indonesian student translating pasangan, which can be translated as either couple (or pair) or partner, depending on the context. (more…)

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As much uncountable as possible!

These days gadgets do not consume power as much as they used to.

This should read: (more…)

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Despite ‘spite’

Despite of its lucrative potential, tourism causes many new social problems.


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Some alternatives to ‘some’

Unemployment has increased in recent years for some reasons.

Indonesian flag In this post, Indonesian students of English will discover more appropriate ways to say ‘beberapa’ or berbagai’ in IELTS and in general academic writing. (more…)

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Some of us

For your entertainment! A song featuring the amazing Moya (L) and Dita (R). For those of us who are still not sure about some / some of, most / most of, etc!


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Success failure effort belief – Part 2

Spoiler alert! If you want to test your ability to use these words, try the gap fill challenge first!
In my previous post I challenged you to complete a text using the words success, failure, effort, and belief. In this post I give the completed text plus some advice about common collocations used in the text. (more…)