Academic English not only for Indonesians
When people’s lives are redundant

Technology is very useful for people’s life.

Indonesian flag This common error made by Indonesian students is easy to avoid if we appreciate that the last three words are actually redundant. Let me explain… (more…)

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Society and community revisited

Space exploration does not improve conditions in the society.

Recently in class we were discussing the difference between society and community and it occurred to me that this might be an opportunity to contrast society and the society (see also previous post). (more…)

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Humans are usually redundant

In conclusion, long working hours are necessary for human beings.

Indonesian flag I’m guessing this may be a cultural issue. (more…)

The human’s wife is an alien

In my opinion, artificial intelligence should be kept away from humans’ civilisation.

OK, here are two specimens – a human (Bill), and an alien (Zarka). If I talk about the human, I’m talking about the gentleman on the left. If I talk about the alien, I’m talking about the lady on the right. (more…)


There will be many disadvantages for human if animal testing is stopped.