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Changing people’s beliefs is not easy!

Research suggests that even when people are faced with strong evidence that challenges their beliefs, they are usually reluctant to change their minds. This can be relatively harmless, for example there are those who still believe that the Earth is flat. At the same time it can have catastrophic consequences, as for example in the US with Trump’s denial of climate change.

Before you read, discuss with a friend the following questions:


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Experts on human behaviour (2/2)

This is the second part of a two-part activity! The first part is available here. (more…)

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Japan earthquake – tenses

There have been a lot of earthquakes recently, including this one on Japan’s Hokkaido island. Current news stories – although often tragic – are full of interesting grammar as they include past and finished, recently finished, as well as ongoing events and situations. See if you can choose the correct tenses from the news coverage. (more…)

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Living an ‘extended’ life

It looks as though people are soon going to be living longer lives thanks to advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles. Discuss the questions with a friend and decide whether you agree or disagree. Then match the ideas with their owners. (more…)

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Facts about transport and safety (quiz!)

Transport (or ‘transportation) is a common topic in IELTS. Here’s a quiz to test your comprehension of a text summarising research into the health and safety aspects of the more common forms of transport. (more…)

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Catching up on sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you take naps during the day? Match ideas about sleep to the experts they belong to and find out more about sleep and sleeping habits!

Before you read, discuss with a friend whether the following statements might be true or false:


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Experts on human behaviour (1/2)

This activity has been split between two posts so as to make it more achievable! The second of the two posts is here.

In the previous post we matched headings to this text about human behaviour. Now see if you can match ideas to the owners of those ideas! (more…)

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Japanese Architecture

In IELTS we’re sometimes required to answer questions about buildings – a topic that most of us never usually think about! Match the names of Japanese architects to their innovative designs and pick up some building knowledge and vocabulary at the same time! (more…)

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Philosophers on work

Why do we work? Do we work for money, for success, to define ourselves in the world, or for some other reason?

First of all discuss the following statements with a friend and see if you agree.

  • If you don’t work then you are not truly human.
  • Work keeps us away from more important activities.
  • Work is a means to fulfill personal ambitions.
  • Work conflicts with our human inclination to relax and have a good time.

Now read what the philospophers have to say and tell us in the comments which one(s) you agree (or disagree) with! (more…)

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Boys and girls in school + expert opinion

Do boys and girls benefit from being taught together? Richard Cairns, head of Brighton College, says ‘yes’, Helen Fraser, chief executive of the Girls’ Day School Trust, says ‘no’. (more…)