Academic English not only for Indonesians
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At the weekend I like watching

In my leisure time I like swimming, reading, and watching.

If you are contrasting¬†doing¬†an activity with simply¬†watching then you don’t need to mention the activity: (more…)

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When ‘usually’ is unusual!

In my spare time I usually go out with my friends.

This is grammatically correct. However, if you’re talking about something you do regularly or habitually then present simple tense is all you need: (more…)

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Spend time _ing

At the weekend I like to spend my time to cook.

There are two problems here. First of all you are unlikely to spend anybody else’s time other than your own, so ‘my’ is redundant. Secondly, ‘spend time’ is much more commonly followed by _ing (gerund): (more…)