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Perfect tenses explained

Video animation contrasting perfect tenses. Includes examples and timelines to illustrate meaning. (more…)

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Time around now

Now I am planning to take my masters degree in public health. I prepare for all requirements especially IELTS. I am studying English so that I can improve my skills and can be accepted by an Australia university.

Occasionally it’s difficult to decide between present simple and present continuous tense, even when using a straightforward time expression like now. There are several possibilities: (more…)

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The first paragraph is mostly argument but it also contains some descriptions.

Yet another word that has slightly different meanings in its countable and uncountable forms. I can’t remember ever seeing it causing grammar problems, but as in the above example, the wrong form may be inappropriate in certain situations. Let’s first of all examine correct usage. (more…)

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Take care (of)

Animals in zoos suffer in many ways, but at least they are taken care by vets.

In a passive structure this is a fairly easy mistake to make since the object of care comes before the verb. Let’s take a look at some examples using the featured image for this post as inspiration (crossing the road). (more…)

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The advance of advanced technology

With the advanced of technology, millennials are finding it easier to make friends.

Indonesian flag I’m not sure why Indonesian IELTS candidates write ‘advanced’ (with ‘ed’) in this phrase. It’s possibly their confusing it with advanced technology.

Before you use these words (advance, technology) in the same sentence, decide whether you want to focus on the technology or on the advance! (more…)

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Training or trainings?

This problem can be overcome through government policies that improve access to education and trainings.

Indonesian flag This is one of the rare occasions when low-band Indonesian IELTS candidates add ‘s’ to a word!

Admittedly you will occasionally see training as a countable noun, but the uncountable form is far more common. Think of training (uncountable) as a synonym for education (aslo uncountable). (more…)

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Experience or experiences?

I think we should employ Tom. He has more experiences than Bill.

Before you continue, can you guess what kind of experience is illustrated in the featured image for this post? Answers in the comments box below! (more…)

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Phonemic Chart

Click phonemes to hear examples! (more…)

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Taking and spending time

Yet, acceptance, the last stage, can spend a lot of time because volunteers must interview participants one by one.

OK so how about this for a basic rule: (more…)

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Captivating in captivity

It is an irresponsible idea to captive animals in zoos.

This is a word with many forms. Let’s look at how they work in sample sentences and then try some practice. (more…)