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What is ‘extensive reading’

When most people prepare for IELTS reading, they think about subskills like skimming and scanning, but sometimes overlook another very important activity – extensive reading. Find out what extensive reading involves by reconstructing these 12 sentences! (more…)

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Women, career, unconscious bias

These days more women are entering technical professions but they are still far outnumbered by men. Computing scientist Talia Gershon believes this is partly due to unconscious biases. Watch the video and then reconstruct what Talia says. (more…)

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Jumbled work quotes

In the last post we looked at different attitudes to work. Today’s challenge is to reconstruct famous quotations that reflect different attitudes towards work.

Don’t forget to read the instructions! Answer key below.


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Reconstructing Chomsky on Language

Recently in class Chomsky’s name came up in discussion as the most widely cited author, but not many students knew his name or why he is so well-known.


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Cloze your books!

An app that converts any text into a total cloze – a text in which all the letters have been blanked out – which you can then reconstruct, word by word! (more…)

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IELTS Task 1 and plastic waste

The IELTS test does actually produce quite a lot of waste, and some of it probably ends up in the ocean.

Look at the graph and then try to reconstruct the text – without looking at the text!

(Similar activities here, here and here.) (more…)

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Mind the gap

Make your own gap-filled texts and then practice filling them!

Gapfiller - Instructions

  • Type or paste a text into the field below.
  • For automatic gapping, use the slider to select the distance between gaps, decide whether you want to give the first letter of each word, then click 'automatic'.
  • For manual gapping, click 'manual', then click on words to turn them into gaps and vice-versa.
  • In both automatic and manual mode you can continue to add or delete gaps by clicking on words and gaps.
  • When you're happy with your gapping, select, copy and paste into your word processor!

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Reconstructing work through automation

  1. Think about – or better still, chat to a friend – about the nature of work.
  2. What is work? Why do we work?
  3. If humans are replaced by machines in the workplace, what are we going to do with all our free time?
  4. Watch and listen to the video. Then attempt to reconstruct the text using the app below.


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Reconstructing consumerism with Skidelsky

  1. Think about – or better still, chat to a friend – about consumerism. Why do we love shopping so much? (Indonesian flag Indonesians check out the difference between consumeristic and consumptive!)
  2. Watch the video and listen to what Robert Skidelsky has to say about consumerism.
  3. Then attempt to reconstruct what Skidelsky says using the app below. Watch the video again if necessary!


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Reconstructing music competitions

Do the winners of music competitions deserve to win?

Do we choose winners based on their musical performance or based on how they look? (more…)