Academic English is not only for Indonesians
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The flight will be departed

The flight will be departed from gate 3 in ten minutes. Please proceed to the boarding lounge.

This is gramatically correct, although an English speaker would almost certainly use active voice:

  • The flight will depart from gate 3 in ten minutes.


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A problem has arisen

The involvement of government in indigenous governance has arisen a variety of arguments.

Here there is a vocabulary problem AND a grammar problem! (more…)

Now listen to me!

Listening modern music, such as Jazz, for instance, might be useful to warm up the emotion part of the brain which can induce relaxation and reduce anxiety.

There is some sophisticated language here – except for the first word! Unfortunately there’s a difference in meaning between listen (without to) and listen to. Take a look at this short dialogue: (more…)

With or without ‘with’

It could be argued that a patient who doubts with modern medicines will take longer to heal.

Indonesian flag Bahasa Indonesia often features with after certain verbs where it would not be used in English. In English the opening example would simply read: (more…)

It’s depend

Happiness is depend on a person’s view of their life.

Students often mistakenly add to be to V1 to make present simple tense. It could be that they have seen other structures using to be and apply the same ‘rules’ to present simple verb forms. (more…)

Let’s get graduated!

I was graduated from Hasannudin university in 2007.

Although it is occasionally appropriate to use ‘graduate’ + object, it is relatively uncommon. Usually the verb ‘graduate’ is intransitive: (more…)