Academic English not only for Indonesians
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Captivating in captivity

It is an irresponsible idea to captive animals in zoos.

This is a word with many forms. Let’s look at how they work in sample sentences and then try some practice. (more…)

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Success failure effort belief

These words – success, failure, effort, belief – take different forms and collocate strongly with other words.
Indonesian flag They’re also problematic for Indonesian scholars. Success has become sukses, effort is translated from upaya, and belief is subject to the same word form error as life (see note below).
Use a dictionary to complete the following text with suitable forms of these words. (more…)

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Photos that never forget

I keep my photos because they can memorise the moment.

But in order to memorise anything they would need consciousness, which is of course impossible. A photograph does not have a brain: (more…)

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Different ethnics will have different languages to communicate.

Indonesian flag This is one of those situations where the English word has been borrowed and its use altered. In this case what was in English an adjective has been turned into a noun. (more…)